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[25 Dec 2003|10:29pm]

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Seasons greetings and all that good stuff.
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Greetings [15 Dec 2003|01:54am]

Well it's been a while hasn't it? Didn't feel this long in the real world. *Laughs* Just to clarify I deleted my personal journals because I was simply having no use for them though I kept this account. Sorry I didn't clarify this to anyone but things got a little hectic.. to say the least. But I'm sure everyone understands what family crisis's and dramas are like.

At any rate now that things have settled down (to a manageable extent) I'd like to know who's still up for RP? I can understand if people are leery now, but just let me know if you're still interested or not.

And the good thing about having two moderators is that one can continue while the other is away. Next time I'm not about feel free to take over "prince". That way we can make sure to keep this community alive and kicking at all times.

I think that the way I had the posting scheme was a bit confusing and hence a lot of people didn't know when to post. I think we should just go with a free for all but on track with the story line. How's that? Post when you feel like so long as it gives for a good solid story.

Oh and we need a new Miki. Any others we should know about?
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Errr [17 Nov 2003|11:02pm]

[ mood | curious ]

OK I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed but the Moderator deleted their journal my_revolution and I haven't heard anything from them in a while.

Does that mean the RPG is off? I understand I'm supposed to be a moderator as well but, I haven't heard anything...

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Belated Hello [12 Nov 2003|06:40pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello everybody,

I'm your Takatsuki Shiori. n.n

I was just popping by to say hello and introduce myself, my personal journal is over at sharonapple if anyone is interested (not likely, but oh well n.n). Please excuse my tardiness, I post everyday in my own journal (usually a mish mash of nonsense) and instead of wasting time over there I should have posted. n.n;; <-- such a slacker >.<

Anyways, as I said, just popping by...
And, I'm assuming I won't be needed until we get a Mikage? Just a question, to make sure I don't post or that I do post in order not to hold up or mess up the RPG...

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Do you wonder? [01 Nov 2003|06:27pm]

Hello, I am also playing the shadow play girls(I play Kozue aswell). I will be doing the best I can I will hopefully be posting in both characters very soon. I'm saving Kozue in the journal for Episode two. But the Shadow Play girls will be used in the first, once its done. Or by the end of the night matters if I finish studying. Oh I should stop babbling. But I've added everyone I hope to be added back.

PS: I will be gone on a trip to florida from the 6th to the 11th..I hope this doesn't cause major problems. If it does I'm sorry and I'll post the first avalible time I can.

Please tell me, if I'm doing something wrong with my characters(in a nice way though) because I'll be happy to fix it.
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-Opinions Required- [02 Nov 2003|01:41am]

I've done a little scene change narrative. Now I understand it's difficult to RP the student council meeting so I want to ask how the four members feel to setting up an AIM conversation (or yahoo, etc..) and sending a tranny of what is discussed so that, instead of individual posts, is put up on the Rose Realm?

Let me know your opinions.
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The letters have been sent [31 Oct 2003|08:42pm]

Duelists can share their reactions to the news and how they dealt with it. You're up, next Utena ^_^

Touga, Juri, Miki, assume that Saionji has battled against you and won the right to be the Rose Bride's Engaged. Anthy, Kozue, Wakaba, Nanami please don't hesitate to post if you'd like.
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[29 Oct 2003|01:49pm]

Hey Juri,

I'm not sure if the comment you made to my post on the Rose Realm was OOC or not, if it was it should belong here, shouldn't it? I mean when Saionji was elected is a technical mistake on my part and I can correct it but my character can't comment on it now can he?
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[28 Oct 2003|11:40pm]

[ mood | touched ]

Hey guys and gals. I'm Brendan and I'll be playing Saionji. I don't have a personal journal seeing as this was the first code I ever got! I've role played in chat quite a bit before but I'm still feeling out the style here. It's different than what I'm used to. Don't really know much about Live Journal and still working on my journal. Anyone have any tips?

Love the background at this community! Who IS that gorgeous person killing that ugly pink haired freak? Ha Ha!

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The Rose Realm is now Officially Open: [25 Oct 2003|11:57pm]

Do not be afraid, the Rinbu Revolution in it's entirety will only be shown once. It will be behind an LJ cut at the start of the next episode.

At this point everyone (excluding Utena) should introduce their character(s) by playing out where they are and what they are trying to achieve/do at this time with the opening of the school. Keep in mind that no one knows they are a duelist yet. Saionji has yet to duel for Anthy and win her as his bride. (There will not be an actual duel, after the letters have been sent he will automatically be the groom)

After everyone has had a chance to post, letters will be sent to the Duelists with an accompanying ring. Be ready!

Utena has not arrived yet! Wait for your cue, cutie ^_~
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Whee~! [13 Oct 2003|06:57pm]

It seems everyone is introducing themselves, so I thought I'd follow cue. ^.^ I'm playing Touga (that was a bit obvious ^^;;), and my real LJ name is ashi_moto. I've been in several RPGs before, weissdiaries (I'm aya__chan), iy_roleplay (I'm miko_kikyou and shippou_chan, although that community seems to have died...), and ohtori_academy (I'm rose_bride) being the recent LJ RPGs I'm in. ^^;; The format for this RPG sounds really interesting, and I'm looking forward to how it's going to turn out. ^.^ I'm almost always up for roleplaying, so if you want to work out anything with Touga, my AIM name is Dark Cloudess and my e-mail address is ashi_moto@hotmail.com. ^^ Well, I guess that's all! Feel free to ask me any questions, if you want. o.o

EDIT: Now that I look back, this post seems really cluttered with all the links. XD Sorry about that!
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[13 Oct 2003|08:37am]

[ mood | really cold... ]

I thought I might aswell introduce myself. I am playing everyones favorite twincestious slut Kozue. My personal journal is anthy. I've been in several roelplays. I have been in three Utena. THe first where I was Himemiya, the second I played Kozue and Mamiya. In a future Sailor Moon roleplay, I've played Sailor Coronis. Along with various other characters. Though I haven't done a LiveJournal one in two years, so I am hoping to get into the swing of things too. For the first episode I might just watch to see how its supose to be done. Since I've run out of things to say, I think I'll stop here. Have a great day.

(I added everyone...so...ad me back if you desire? Sorry if I sound silly, I get nervous around new people.)

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This is Long, so hang in there! [13 Oct 2003|08:52am]

Thank you all for introducing yourselves and/or posing questions or concerns. The more players talk the better our rp will become!

Just a little background about myself. My personal journal is </a></b></a>my_revolution. I am currently involved in The Children of Meifu RP at the userinfochildrenofmeifu community (based on the yaoi show Yami No Matsuei) where I play Dr. Ayase Kanou. I've also RPed quite a bit in the past though primarily in a chat based environment. I will be playing Akio/Dios/The End of the World in this RP. My journal is the same one I will use to make these posts with from now on. </a></b></a>akio_san. Feel free to check it out.

In regards to the Format of the RP : As Mar said, we will be following the episodes, however, we will have a slightly different way of implementing the plot in our post order, which (I hope) will give everyone a chance to RP their character in an interesting way.

Details of How the Introduction and First episode will take place.Collapse )

After the first episode has a chance to take it's course everyone will be invited to make suggestions and raise any concerns. Though I think the only way we'll be able to see if this works or not is to give it a test trial and see how everyone fairs. Generally, you should follow these suggestions:

Guidelines for Posting and other Misc. IssuesCollapse )

We will also have a website that will be up in the next few days with the following: Character stats and who is playing them (Their journal and contact information), Episode summaries and how we will be playing them (for the meantime we will just have to make do with mentioning them here), and our Shadow Girls will have their own section to boast about the news of the day and upcoming teasers including the date and time decided on for duels.

I hope this helps. Any questions/concerns? Any suggestions or is all this satisfactory for everyone? If everyone is okay with this, I shall go ahead and post the necessary introduction once Saionji arrives (should be no later than Saturday - Unfortunately I'm off on a retreat on Wednesday-Saturday and if he doesn't show before then it will have to wait.) If anyone needs an LJ code (if you've changed your mind and want to have your own journal for your character) let the community know and we'll help you out as best as we can.

Once the RP starts all players need to let others know if they will not be available for a certain duration of time so we can either wait or temporarily work around your character or fill your spot until you arrive. If you need to abandon your character indefinitely then you need to let us know that too so we can audition for another.

Hope all this wasn't too painful to read! I look forward to hearing some feedback.

-The End of The World's Ego

P.S. If anyone wants to add a background image (like the ones on Rose_Realm, Sunlit_Garden and Akio_san journals) to their Journal(s) send me the file and I'll send you a link that you can insert into the LJ-code to put it up. Free image hosting! XD
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Hola! [12 Oct 2003|01:29pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Since other people were popping in and introducing themselves, thought I would too. As my icon indicates, I will be playing everyone's favorite Rose Bride. I am also playing the character that everyone loves to hate (well, most feel that way anyway) Kiryuu Nanami kiryuu_nanami. My own personal journal can be found at sailorleo. This is my first Utena RPG, but I have been in several others on various websites around the net (Tsukino Usagi [Sailor Moon], Princess Kaige [Princess Rouge], and Yuki Miaka [Fushigi Yugi]) I am really excited to join all of you fellow Utena fans!

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Hello [12 Oct 2003|03:54pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hey everyone,

I'll be playing Utena (my main journal is marumae) and I've been nominated by Akio-san to be partial Moderator for this forum, to help answer questions as to what is going on with the rpg and how things are going to approached. (So please don't feel I'm overstepping my boundries here.)

I'm glad things are coming together for everyone here and I hope things will turn out well. I'm really looking forward to this!

As for the Format of the RPG, as far as I know we are Following the plot of the ANIME and reflecting on the events of that in our personal "character" journals and with interactions. Mainly describing in your journal from your characters point of view, what happened, how they reacted to it, their opionion on it. Basically as you would approach your own jouranl.

Well I can't wait for things to start, I hope to see you all RPING soon!

[EDIT: I also added everyone to both my friends pages, my IM names are on my profile pages if you'd like to talk!]

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[12 Oct 2003|09:23am]

[ mood | awake ]

I suppose posting here is in order, as a general form of acquaintance would be preferable so we can establish how we'll interact later on. All the personal information I wish to share is present on the sidebar on my livejournal, so that can be used to gauge me a bit better. I'm a bit of a stranger to the structure of role-playing, so any insight on how we shall conduct this would be appreciated.

For my nitpicks, I think I should mention that when posting general entries in character, a sort of daily summary deal, the character should be presented realistically. Juri would not post an entry stating, "I wish I could see Shiori now; she crosses my mind oh so often." Of course not. Secrets would remain as such; Juri would be more prone to a very detached, bored summary of her day with a bit of intellectual interjection, but absolutely no risk of divulging her weaknesses. Similarly, Shiori would not stew in her own malice, flaunting her occassions of bitter torment--on the contrary, she would possess seemingly the most "normal" of daily journals, recounting the petty events of an average teenage girl. Only when a serious RP surfaces and a pivotal event is presented should the characters step out of themselves and display to us their inner struggles.

I am with Miki on the subject of dueling, that is, how it will be executed. Considering that Utena's victory is predetermined, the only route to go is the "Thrust, parry, riposte, counter-riposte" style, unless we decide to garnish it with a bit of psychological turmoil.

Looking forward to starting this. I've added all of our members to my friends list, and would be honored if they would do the same. My AIM screenname is in my LJ profile, if anyone feels the inclination to contact me. Best wishes for this group.

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yay! >_> [12 Oct 2003|03:56am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

okay, so let me be the first to bring something up. :D before that, a brief introduction is in order. :) i'm dan, also known as ferret (i'll be spying on the rpg with my main lj account ferretclaw. ;) i'm a ninteen-year-old canadian who likes romantic, candle-lit dinners and walks on the beach (haha!). i've been a fan of sku for a while now (it's currently my favorite anime series), starting with the show and movie, which i bought about a year ago, i think. i managed to see the utena musical shortly after, and i managed to get a copy of it this summer. i bought all five volumes of the utena manga from a guy in japan last month and am currently reading it (i can read japanese...comprehending is a different story). my favorite character is nanami (shameless plug! shameless plug!). other characters i like are kozue, shiori, and akio. (people constantly mock me for liking the characters that everyone else hates.) this will be my first sku rpg (but not my first rpg, mind you :P), so i was just wondering how a few things are going to be worked. that said...

first, to what degree of role playing is this? i've been involved in something that's not quite role playing (where you basically get to control everyone, but you can only speak a certain character's mind) and also hardcore role playing (where you basically can't even mention another character's name without getting in trouble). i was just wondering where in between there will this rpg be...if that makes any sense.

which brings me to my second thought: duels. i'm just trying to invision how this'd work...i know it could, but not without some degree of difficulty. even in realtime, it'd still be difficult.

a: utena lunges.
b: saionji dodges. saionji lunges.
a: utena dodges. utena goes for the kill.
b: saionji beats utena instead.
a: "noooo, himemiyaaaaaa," utena shouts while falling to her knees in defeat.

...so...yeah. also, is it going to be predetermined who'll win the duel (assuming we even have duels, of course)? if so, how? since this is my first sku rpg, any enlightenment regarding any this would be helpful. thanks, everyone. i can't wait to get this thing started. :)

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Attention Duelists! - Exciting News! [11 Oct 2003|01:04pm]

1) We are now waiting for confirmation for our last necessary character! Saionji is fashionably late, but with his arrival the RPG community can soon begin. Other characters are still available, and anyone who is still interested, or knows of anyone interested to play the roles please let me know soon!

With that said...

2) The Sunlit_Garden is now a Members-Only OOC community with a great new layout! We have a new RPG community strictly for IC Roleplay at userinfoRose_Realm</span>

Why was this necessary? The Sunlit_Garden as an OOC playground will let all RPers interact and express their ideas about the mechanics of the roleplay (length of posts, duration of a scenes etc..) as well as specific character ideas or concerns. You can also ask about clarification of posts or just relax and bring up a point of interest relating to Utena. This will help keep unnecessary comments out of the RPG area while allowing for any issues to be addressed. This will also help those with no individual journal designated for their characters to interact with other players without it affecting their personal journal.

Please note: It does not mean you have an opportunity to flame another person for their choice of expression when playing a character! Try to offer constructive pointers or ideas.

3) I would also like to know who think a website for our RPG is necessary and why? If you think it is, what things would you like to see on it?

4) Finally, I want to know how people would feel to having scene changes posts? (aka. An introductory post to describe the different scenarios about to take place, or the season and time, morning or night) Why I'm interested in doing this is to help keep the RPG from dragging for several weeks on the same day, and to help guide all characters with a brief narration. Sound good? Yes or No?
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[10 Oct 2003|11:06am]

OOC Update:

Thanks to all our members for still being patient while things get set up.

The way it is right now we don't have a Saionji, and he's actually a crucial character. I could fill the role myself, but I'd rather have other unique perspectives participating.

With that said, I could use some help finding people to fill the available roles. If you know of anyone or want to promote the community I would really appreciate it!

Here's hoping we'll get up and running soon!
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The Sunlit Garden - Chapter I [10 Sep 2003|01:24am]


The sound of a piano echoes through the garden. The melody you hear is soft, sweet, and alluring.

This is a UTENA RPG. The cast is still being assembled.

Members: Please do NOT post yet! You will be notified as soon as the cast of characters are filled enough for the playing to start.

You do not need an individual character journal! You can post with any journal so long as you make it clear who you are playing (with an icon or otherwise). You can create a separate journal for your character's thoughts if you want to.
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